Decision Point en Español

A Spanish-language series of Decision Point, featuring a blend of past and exclusive articles. Written and translated by CEED members.

Cadenas productivas y manejo de paisajes
#E04 November 2018

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Además, Planificación para la conservación en tres dimensiones, Financiamiento colectivo para la conservación, y más!



DPoint Espanol3_cover_web3Peces de agua dulce
La biodiversidad inexplorada del Neotrópico
#E03 July 2017

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‘Freshwater fish: The unexplored biodiversity of the Neotropics’
In this issue, we look at a diverse range of topics – from freshwater fish, to how the solution to preventing landslides can also conserve bird species. We investigate conservation planning in post-conflict Colombia, and ecotourism and sustainable fisheries in Chile, and more!

¿Cuáles aves conservamos primero?
De prioridades nacionales a acciones locales
#E02 August 2016

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‘Which birds do we conserve first? From national priorities to local actions’
This issue features stories on bird conservation in Colombia and Europe, effects of forest fragmentation on primates, restoring marine ecosystems and Chilean marine resource management.

La protección de la Antártida
Es grande, es valiosa, es única y está en riesgo
#E01 February 2015

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‘Protecting Antarctica: it’s big, valuable, unique and it’s at risk’.
This first issue of Decision Point en Español is a careful selection of past stories translated into Spanish by members of CEED.