What’s the point? Give me a home among the gum trees!

Give me a home among the gum trees!

Editor’s note: Have you ever come across a picture and thought: “That’s the perfect image for my story/article/blog post!” And then cursed because you published that story two months ago and now it’s too late. It happens to me all the time. But this time I’ve decided better late than never.

Pictured below is an eastern yellow robin building its nest in a gum tree using thin strips of red stringybark. The nest also contains flakes of box gum, yellow box and long-leaf box delicately woven into the rim, or stitched to form a hanging skirt around the side of the nest. A beautiful bird building a work of art high in the bough of Australia’s iconic tree species.

Climate change promises to have profound impacts on the distribution of gum trees right across Australia. And, of course (and as this image graphically demonstrates), those impacts will have consequences for the broud suite of organisms that depend on these trees. See the story on the climate change impacts on gum trees in Decision Point #72.

The picture was taken by Geoff Park and is featured on his blog, Natural Newstead. Geoff’s blog is highly recommended for anyone interested in birds, photography or the natural rhythms of central Victoria. If only he published this pic a couple of months ago!


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