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Going for Green!

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo in Australia’s Arakwal National Park (Photo by Environment & Heritage NSW)

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo in Australia’s Arakwal National Park (Photo by Environment & Heritage NSW)

The IUCN has composed a new list. Unlike its Red Lists (of threatened species or threatened ecosystems) this is one is a good one to be on. It’s the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas and it provides a new global standard of good practice for protected areas. Announced at last year’s World Parks Congress in Sydney, the first 23 successful sites have been selected among 50 candidates put forward by the eight countries as part of the first phase of the Green List.

The sites have been evaluated against a set of demanding criteria, including the quality of protection of natural values. They should demonstrate fair and transparent sharing of the costs and benefits of conservation, effective management and long-lasting conservation outcomes. These criteria are measured according to the challenges and opportunities faced in each country.

In Australia, three reserves managed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have been accepted to the IUCN Green List: Arakwal National Park, Cape Byron State Conservation Area, and Montague Island Nature Reserve.

More info: https://www.iucn.org/about/work/programmes/gpap_home/gpap_quality/gpap_greenlist/

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