The next step

The next step is to identify where and when to implement a range of recovery actions across NSW over the next 50 years, for different levels of resources available. This research is currently being done. We are considering four possible actions: dog control, fencing highways, habitat protection and habitat restoration and estimated the costs and benefits of implementing each action.

In terms of benefits, we are using estimates of how much we could potentially reduce extinction risk by when alternative recovery actions are implemented. We also estimated their costs, showing that habitat protection and restoration are generally more costly than dog control and fencing highways. This is because using private land for habitat protection or restoration carries a relatively high opportunity cost since you lose production values on this land. Using these costs and benefits we are mapping where and when we should implement each action in a way that would achieve the highest possible reduction in extinction risk given alternative levels of resources available.

We hope to bring you these results in the coming year.

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