The matrix in ecology

The video begins with two people dodging bullets in an opening in a forest…

The narrator (me) explains:

“In ecology, the matrix is not about people in long trench coats dodging bullets while plugged into a hyper-real computer program. When we talk about the matrix in ecology we are talking about the areas that surround patches of remnant vegetation.

People tend to clear most of the native vegetation for livestock, crops or houses. Many native plants and animals can only live in the left-over patches of vegetation; it’s their habitat, their home. The rest of the land is the matrix: the areas they can’t live in.

Our native species, surrounded by the matrix, face many problems. Plants and animals might die out of a patch due to disease or some other cause. If individuals from other patches can’t move through the matrix to recolonise the patch where their neighbours died out, they will gradually vanish from the whole landscape.”

And then it gets really interesting but you’ll have to see it yourself to appreciate the REAL power of the matrix!

I’d also like to acknowledge Sam Banks and Annabel Smith for their contributions to the narration.

See The Matrix in Ecology video by clicking HERE

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