The Inaugural CEED conference

UMelb, Nov/Dec 2011

After almost a year of planning, meeting and reflecting, CEED was officially kicked off with an Inaugural Conference at the University of Melbourne. And what a grand and intense affair it turned out to be involving over 100 scientists, 65 talks, two training workshops and much free flowing conversation over two days.

Part of the conference involved a gathering of our International Science Advisory Panel (ISAP) who heard all about our activities and then discussed with us where we might focus our energies.CEED operates over five nodes with leading researchers and excellent students. But it aims to be more than simply the sum of its parts. To achieve that, everyone needs to know what’s happening in the other nodes so that collaborative opportunities can be identified. With appointments of new research staff now in train, the CEED conference was a perfect opportunity to refine topics and focus our research agenda of optimal management and monitoring of biodiversity. We took the philosophy that anyone who wanted to speak could do so, and that talks could range from descriptions of new ideas, overviews of research programs, reports on completed research, or any combination of these…





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