Summer research across the divide

The 2013/2014 summer break saw the third round of the NERP Summer Scholar program where leading undergraduate students are placed in the Department of the Environment to work on science/policy issues. The hope is that, in the process, a bit of light is thrown on that enduring, seemingly intractable challenge of how science might better engage with policy.

The students are selected through the ANU Summer Research Scholarship program, and placed in DotE with the help of the Sustainability Research and Science Policy Section, SRaSPS (facilitators of the NERP Program). NERP ED researcher Don Driscoll oversees the process.

Last year, the second round of the program, Matthew Anderson reviewed policy on connectivity, Marlese Fairgray examined monitoring in strategic assessment and Sarosh Sikander investigated detectability (See Decision Point #69). And the year before that, Annabel Lusk looked at managing the impacts of invasive species while Prudence Roberts reviewed development approvals in areas that are cassowary habitat. (See Decision Point #57).

More info: Don Driscoll

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