Posing problems in the Park

NERP Workshop (Melbourne, May 2012)

Supercolonies of yellow crazy ants are threatening the forest ecosystems on Christmas Island. Can we predict where supercolonies are likely to form? Will these predictions lead to better targeted control effort?

The noxious bitou bush has invaded coastal ecosystems in Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay, NSW, and park managers are pouring significant resources into removing it. Does the pay-off from control justify this hefty allocation of resources or are we better off investing elsewhere?

The endangered white-throated wren in Kakadu National Park is believed to be sensitive to different forms of fire management. Can adaptive management provide rangers the information they need to discern the merit of alternative burning regimes?

These aren’t hypothetical case studies dreamt up by researchers to test different modelling approaches; they are real life challenges currently being faced by the staff of Parks Australia. Maybe NERP’s decision science can lend a hand…




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