Making more of NMV

Researchers wanting to improve the use of their NMV research might consider the following list of activities. How many of these do you engage with?

Understand the policy world

For example, know the key players and network, and realise that the costs and benefits of obtaining information may be high.

Communicate well

Be clear, brief and simple, and avoid jargon, acronyms and technical issues. For example, communicate through Policy Briefs or presentations rather than only relying on academic publications.

Collaborative research

Involve decision makers in the research process from an early stage.

Be pragmatic

Know what is realistically possible in policy.

Be timely

Timeliness is important – be prepared to respond quickly if needed for a policy decision.

Empower policy people

Offer training and support to (environmental) decision makers to raise their awareness and knowledge about NMV and benefit-cost analysis. Making efforts to include relevant economics in undergraduate environmental science degrees may also be a worthwhile long-term strategy.

Improve economic literacy

Often, environmental decision makers do not know how to use economic information because there is no place for it in the decision processes used. Provision of simplified decision systems or tools that can incorporate NMV results may help to overcome this barrier. An
example of an attempt to do this is INFFER (Investment Framework
for Environmental Resources – see Decision Point #55).

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