Happy 100th!

David Lindenmayer often talks about the challenge of running a Long-Term-Ecological-Research site over multiple decades when research money is only handed out in ad-hoc, short-term lumps. Indeed, the challenge of running a long-term project in an increasingly short-term world is enormous. Which is my way of saying happy hundredth issue of Decision Point!

Who’d have thought we’d be saying that back in 2008 when we launched our first issue? Not many I would suspect (and definitely not me).

What’s the secret of our success? Well, it comes down to many things but let me suggest our longevity relates to good planning and good luck, mixed in with quality leadership, reader support and important science.

I’m not going to justify this list of ingredients here (I don’t have the space and you don’t have the time) except to say they all interact. The networks that Decision Point has served have been lucky in receiving continuous funding over a decade enabling relationships to grow and prosper; the leaders of this network have extended me trust and space in which to deliver a publication that has become symbolic with good environmental decision making, which in turn has lifted the profile of a community of interest in environmental decision science; our readers have given us encouragement and support which has deepened and widened the network; and our research has made a real difference in a time of biodiversity crisis, and Decision Point has helped sustain and grow an interest in that science.

And I’d like to thank you, our many readers (including our scientist contributors) for your feedback and support over the years. Without that feedback I am positive we would never have reached this milestone.

David Salt, Editor

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