Dbytes is EDG’s internal eNewsletter. It gets sent to members and associates of EDG each week, and consists of small snippets of information relating to environmental decision making. They might be government documents, research articles or blogs. Here are six bytes from recent issues. If you would like to receive the Dbytes eNewsletter, email David.Salt@anu.edu.au

1. Aust Environmental-Economic Accounts, 2014
This publication represents the first issue of Australian Environmental-Economic Accounts (AEEA). It brings all ABS
environmental accounts together in one place to deliver a broad and cohesive picture of the environmental stocks and
flows of relevance to the Australian economy and society.



2. SoE Common Assessment & Reporting Framework

A paper on the State of the Environment 2011 Common Assessment and Reporting Framework is now available online. The article was published in the Journal of Environmental Planning & Management and is available as open access here.

3. TERN NCRIS Final Report now available 
TERN’s final report for NCRIS, which represents a culmination of over four years of commitment and vision towards building
an ecosystem science research network for Australia, is now available.

4. State of the Climate 2014
A definitive report on observed changes in long term trends in Australia’s climate has been released by CSIRO and the BoM.

5. A Scientist’s Guide To Social Media
This guide is designed to nudge reluctant networkers to get started with an online professional profile and help social
media experts get even more out of social networking. By Chris Tachibana.
6. Policy Handbook: Biodiversity and Environmental Change
Biodiversity and Environmental Change describes changes in a range of Australian ecosystems that have been subject
to detailed long-term research. The overarching purpose of these long-term studies has been to document the changes,
identify the drivers of change and provide the evidence and knowledge needed to better inform natural resource
management in Australia.

This Policy Handbook describes the key findings and messages from long-term ecological research for policy makers and the
general public. The Policy Handbook can be downloaded from the LTERN website.


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