Conservation and collaboration in the Mediterranean Sea

Collaboration can reduces conservation costs in the marine realm

The problem with countries collaborating for conservation is that it takes too much effort. Well, that’s a common perception anyway. The truth is that if it’s done properly you can get better conservation outcomes. What’s more, in some situations collaboration is the only sensible way to go. To demonstrate the possible benefits of collaboration, we modelled different levels of collaboration in conservation planning for the Mediterranean Sea biodiversity hotspot (Mazor et al. 2013).

The Mediterranean Sea biodiversity hotspot is one of the most complex marine regions in the world (see the ‘Mediterranean melting pot’). It supports a rich biodiversity concentrated in a small area surrounded by over twenty countries across three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Clearly, if conservation efforts are to be fruitful in the Mediterranean Sea, there needs to be some degree of collaboration between these countries. But can collaboration between Mediterranean countries actually improve conservation efficiency – achieving the same conservation outcomes for less cost?…





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