Project Control

The program to eradicate invasive hawkweed species from Victoria’s Alpine National Park has been a long and concerted effort with broad community support. Overseen by a Project Control Group, the program relies on the efforts of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria, Falls Creek Resort Management, Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management, Weed Spotters, weed control contractors, volunteers, and researchers to help find and control hawkweeds (Herbert et al 2013). University of Melbourne researchers have been involved since the very beginning, when orange hawkweed was first discovered by a University Field Botany class back in 1999. In the 15 years since, an ongoing research program has helped the Project Control Group target their search and control efforts across the national park, even earning the team a University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Engagement Excellence Award in 2013 and a Nancy Millis Science in Parks Award in 2014. Herbert, Curran, Hauser, Hester, Kirkwood, Derrick & King. (2013) All eyes focussed on hawkweed eradication in the Victorian alps – a partnerships approach. pp 140-145 in Hanwen Wu (ed) Proceedings of the 17th NSW Biennial Weeds Conference. The Weed Society of NSW. September 2013, pp 140-145.

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