Getting interdisciplinary at Oxford

Workshopping social network analysis

Workshopping the network

How can research on social networks be best applied to natural resource management? This was the focus of a recent CEED workshop in Brisbane that brought together researchers from around Australia and across the world. Social networks consist of people – such as land holders, managers, government officials and organisations– and the relationships and exchanges […]

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Conservation planning in a very complex region

The 3rd International Workshop in Advancing Conservation Planning in the Mediterranean Sea Back in 2012, a group of conservation researchers led by CEED scientists established a series of workshops that aimed to bring together scientists and managers working on conservation planning in the Mediterranean Sea (one of most human-impacted and jurisdictionally complex seas in the […]

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CEED’s big bash

Every two years the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions brings its people together in one place to share new ideas, reflect on what’s been happening and plan for the future. In December, CEED’s 2015 conference was held in Canberra at the Australian National University. As always it generated a wealth of ideas, catalysed […]

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A new list to frame biodiversity conservation

Much of the debate on declining biodiversity has been framed around disappearing species. A new IUCN Red List promises to enlarge this debate to take ecosystems into account and CEED researchers have made several important contributions to its development. The status of threatened species is but one facet of the conservation problem of declining biodiversity. Scientists have become increasingly concerned about the ecosystems and their processes that support species, their interactions and environment. What we have long needed is a Red List of Ecosystems, and last year the IUCN (the International Union for the Conservation of Nature) delivered one.

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