Sanctuary in the City

Wildlife and the city

In April, I had the privilege of visiting a truly innovative nature sanctuary in Wellington called Zealandia. I was there to meet Dr Danielle Shanahan, a former CEED post doc who is now the sanctuary’s Manager of Conservation and Research. Visitors to Zealandia get the chance to wander its 225 hectares of native plantings and interact with a broad range of […]

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‘Thank you for visiting Chitwan National Park’. We hope you enjoyed your visit and are aware that your entrance fee is funding valuable conservation work and supporting the local communities.  (Photo by Ram Pandit)

Valuing access to national parks in Nepal

Funding parks, communities and conservation in a developing country KEY MESSAGES: We estimated visitors’ willingness-to-pay (WTP) fee to access Chitwan National Park We found that visitors’ average WTP is substantially higher (>2.5 times) than the current entry fee This evidence led to an immediate policy change by the Nepalese Government resulting in a significant increase […]

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Protecting Malaysian reef fish while minimising the impact on
Malaysian fisheries: which design tools get the balance right?
(Images by Carissa Klein)

What tools should we use to design marine reserves?

Accounting for the movement of fish and boats KEY MESSAGES: Balancing the needs of conservation with its impacts on fisheries is important when designing marine reserve networks Commonly used design tools based on static models are good at placing reserves to avoid short-term losses to fisheries Static models perform poorly for designing reserves that bring benefits to fisheries […]

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Robecca Jumin from WWF-Malaysia (third from the right) receives a
certificate in conservation planning from trainers from the University
of Queensland (during one of the Marxan courses run in Malaysia).
From the right are Hugh Possingham, Hedley Grantham and Carissa
Klein. The course was run in 2010 in Sabah.

From Marxan to management

Ocean zoning with stakeholders establishes the Tun Mustapha Marine Park Malaysia has just established the Tun Mustapha Marine Park off the northern tip of Sabah province in Borneo (Malaysia). At 1.6 million hectares, it’s the country’s biggest marine protected area, and Marxan and CEED scientists have played an important role in the planning process that […]

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