What difference do we make?

Decision Science 101

Earlier this year CEED’s Chief Investigators came together at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat (Lamington National Park, Qld, CIs are pictured) to reflect on CEED’s impact on the world of environmental decision science and to plan a ‘book of lessons’ emerging out of our research. CEED didn’t invent decision science but, through its research and tool development, […]

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On reflection

CEED really has made its mark Environmental decision science is now a ‘thing’ and CEED and its related networks and partnerships can justifiably (and proudly) claim a lion share of the credit in raising the profile of this rapidly emerging field of conservation science. Back in the 1990s, statistical ecology in Australia was strong, but […]

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A brief history of ecosystem services

When did the notion of ‘ecosystem services’ take on real meaning? In one sense, it stretches back to the beginning of history with Plato noting the connection between deforestation, soil erosion and the drying of springs. However, attempting to frame the benefits of nature in a way that enabled us to make decisions around the […]

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The original AEDA crew (circa 2006)

Looking back, moving on

As most of you know, I’m leaving CEED to take on the role of The Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy. This is my last issue of Decision Point as CEED’s Director. I’ve been working with you in this network (in its various forms) for the past decade and it’s been a wonderful time – full of exciting science and valuable and respectful collaborations.

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Our people

One of legacies of CEED is the network of people it brings together. Here are a few of the faces of that network, the people behind the stories in this issue of Decision Point. Elisa Bayraktarov & Megan Saunders Elisa’s research interests are in the effects of global and local threats on endangered ecosystems and […]

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CEED’s big bash

Every two years the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions brings its people together in one place to share new ideas, reflect on what’s been happening and plan for the future. In December, CEED’s 2015 conference was held in Canberra at the Australian National University. As always it generated a wealth of ideas, catalysed […]

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About CEED

What is CEED? Go to our website and you’ll read it’s a ‘partnership’ and a ‘world-leading research centre’ (for solving environmental management problems and for evaluating the outcomes of environmental actions). Of course, that’s true but it says little about the people that make up CEED. At its heart, CEED is a network of people […]

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An international affair

CEED and its many international linkages The problem of conserving biodiversity with inadequate resources is a problem everywhere. It’s not restricted to Australia. While the operations of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) are largely based in Australia, both our science network and the impacts of our research are truly international. Our […]

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