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#97 August 2016

The times, they are a changing

Bob Dylan’s classic song ‘the times, they are a changin’, might be a chorus for climate change

Looking back, moving on

Better decision making, better conservation outcomes

Editors Pick of Hugh’s ideas

Editors favourite of Hugh's off-the-wall ideas

Blurred lines in the mud

Mapping the distribution and protection of intertidal habitats in Australia

Making more of mangrove ecosystem services

Planning that acknowledges spatial differences in the services mangroves provide

Is my model fit for purpose?

Matching data and species distribution models to applications

The inequity in climate change?

How unfair is that?

Preserving coastal wetlands under sea level rise

Can payments for ecosystem services fund climate change adaptation?

Conservation covenants

An agreement forever or not worth the paper they’re written on?

Developing the northern savannas

Trade-offs between biodiversity, carbon and agricultural development

Paying farmers for biodiversity

Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia

Restoring urban drains to living streams

Is it worthwhile?

CEEDlings of promise are UK bound

Four CEED researchers are all leaving Australia for the United Kingdom.